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Keep Your Pets Warm! – A 10 Step Survival Guide to Braving the Sea-Tac Cold Front

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Protect Your Pets From Extreme PNW Weather In an event that some have labeled ‘Snowmageddon’, the greater Seattle-Tacoma area has experienced record snowfall for the month of February. Local news reports have featured folks queuing up at the hardware store for de-icer and snow shovels (because who owns one in the Puget Sound area anyways??), […]

Kennel Cough and Dog Kennels

Absolutely no one wants to see their precious pet have to cope with sickness. With highly contagious canine diseases out there such as kennel cough, concerned dog owners everywhere are wondering what they can do to protect their pet. Pet Ponderosa is here with an analysis of the signs and risks of kennel cough and […]

5 Reasons to Take Your Pup on a Walk

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We’ve all had that heart-breaking moment… Your pup glances at his leash hanging on the wall, then looks at you with big eyes that say “dad, we’re going on a walk today, right?”, then looks back at the leash longingly, but you simply don’t have time for a walk. “Sorry, buddy.” If you are a […]