Hours:Boarding: M-F 9-11am & 3:30-5:30pm; Saturday 9-11am | Daycare: M-F 6:30am-6pm; Sat-Sun 7am-6pm | Grooming: Tue -Sat 9am-6pm
Pet Ponderosa is not just a pet hotel, We're a resort & spa for your pawed companion!

Why Choose Pet Ponderosa's Pet Boarding?

Whether in the heat of summer or in the dead of winter, your cat or dog will stay perfectly cozy in Pet Ponderosa’s climate controlled kennels. Our pet hotel kennels are specifically designed to regulate temperature and keep your pet comfy, even in unpredictable PNW weather! Climate controlled kennels help ensure that all of our precious pet guests are safe and protected from harmful elements.

Our guests get to feast on the best quality pet food, Life’s Abundance. Our nominal $2 charge per feeding covers a highly nutritious meal, selected carefully to ensure maximum taste and health for your pet. If your pet is on a special diet, we recommend bringing their food along. Regardless, our attentive staff will make sure each boarding guest is well fed and cared fur (pun intended).

We pay careful attention to each of our pet spa guests, ensuring that all get plenty of equal play time with our animal loving staff. Then, when it’s time to kennel up, your pup will be treated to a spacious kennel. Our kennels are generously sized to fit big dogs, and if your dog is a smaller breed of dog, they will still certainly enjoy the extra leg room in our large dog boarding kennels!

For each day that your four-legged friend boards with us, you are automatically awarded with Paw Points! Our Paw Point system is a way of giving back to our loyal customers. Paw Points can easily be redeemed for additional services to further enrich your pet’s stay. For example, use your Paw Points in exchange for Pet Ponderosa’s luxurious pet grooming service! Win/win!

Pet Ponderosa happily accommodates the needs of each pet owner. Whether you are looking for short or long-term pet boarding, our reasonable pricing options can fit your budget and needs. At our pet spa and resort, we welcome both dogs and cats. Our facilities are more than equipped to become your pet’s second home, whether for a day or for a few weeks.

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Fun Pet Lodging - Pet Ponderosa

Daily Activities are a Must!

Here at Pet Ponderosa, choosing at least one daily activity for your pet to engage in during their stay at our resort is required! Why? Because our pet loving staff firmly believes that no dog or cat should be cooped up in a kennel all day.

We want each of our furry guests to thoroughly enjoy their stay.  In fact, they deserve it! That is why we ensure that no matter what, each pet will get ample play time to stretch their legs and enjoy engaging activities each day, no exceptions!

All animals need physical exercise and mental stimulation every day to keep them happy and in good health. Our commitment to making your pet’s stay as active (yet relaxing) as possible makes Pet Ponderosa stand alone as one of the highest quality pet lodging facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

We are not just a pet hotel – we are a resort and spa. That means you can rest easy knowing your precious pet is in best hands and enjoying the lap of luxury while you are away.

Each of our furry friends will receive individualized attention as well as have the opportunity to interact with other guests staying on the ranch.

Whether you want us to look after just one pup or a whole passel of pets, each ranch activity runs at $6 a day. There are plenty of daily activities to choose from. Select the one that’s best for your pet(s), and let the good times roll at our resort!

Learn more about our Doggie Daycare activities!

Pet Boarding

We're Not Just a Pet Hotel - We're a Resort & Spa

As with any human lodging, pet lodging also varies in standards and levels of luxury. Many generic pet boarding facilities offer hardly more than a slab of concrete and some chain link to house your furry friend. Here at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa, luxury is the name of the game.

Pet Ponderosa provides premium pet lodging services in the PNW without the bite of unreasonable prices. Our goal is to treat your pet to a dream vacation while you are on yours – all without breaking your budget.

Luxury without the luxury price!

We offer both short and long-term lodging for cats and dogs. Our top-notch facility is outfitted with climate controlled kennels to keep your pet at just the right temperature. We hold to a high standard of cleanliness and comfort. Pet Ponderosa uses modern technology, such as our ultrasonic bark device to ensure a calm and controlled environment.

With our wide range of daily activities to choose from, you can customize your beloved pet’s stay to make their pet-cation as fun-filled and fancy-free as possible! Arrange all the activities they’ll love, and they will be settled in and making furry friends in no time. Treat your pet!

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