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Pet Cleanup services

Doggy doo pick-up, kitty litter scooping

Reliable Pet Cleanup Services

We'll scoop the dog poo so you don't have to! - Pet Cleanup Services in the Tacoma, WA Area

Having a loyal, loving dog or cat as part of your family is absolutely wonderful. Still, let’s be honest. The not-so-splendid part of owning a pet is inevitably being forced to deal with stinky pet droppings. Well, not anymore! Pet Ponderosa’s Pet Cleanup Services are here to allow you to focus on the great parts of pet ownership. Let us deal with the smelly part!

Pet Ponderosa’s poop scoop service will help keep your yard land-mine free. Our regular pet waste removal services will allow your yard to stay clean, healthy and green. By regularly removing unsightly piles of dog poo, we’ll protect you from stepping in anything that will get your day off to a bad start.

The best part:

We don’t just remove the toxic waste…we haul it away!

Feel free to get in touch through our contact form or via phone for more information on our pet cleanup services. Please note that our initial waste removal visit fee may be a little more depending on whether or not the yard has been maintained regularly.

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