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What Does Pet Boarding Entail?

What Does Pet Boarding Entail?

It is never easy to say goodbye to your pet for a few days or weeks. Yet, daily, owners must decide what to do with their dogs when travel, sickness, or family situations interfere with routine care.

Some pet owners try to remedy this problem by traveling with their pets, only to realize that hotel rules, travel-induced pet sickness, and runaway dogs can ruin their holiday. Other pet owners entrust their animals’ care to well-meaning but inexperienced neighbors or friends.

The outcomes are generally poor. Pets given to part-time guardians usually escape or become seriously ill due to a lack of trustworthy, consistent, and informed supervision.

Nowadays, the majority of pet owners who require substitute pet care use the services of professional boarding kennels.

What exactly does boarding your pet involve? Let’s see why leaving your precious pets with professionals is best.

Different Kinds of Pet Boarding Facilities

If you last went to a pet boarding facility a while ago, you might be surprised by the options available today. While some facilities still prefer long rows of kennels – where, for an additional price, your pet may also have access to a little outdoor run – advancements have been made in the pet boarding industry.

Some boarding facilities house pets in spacious areas where they may interact and mingle with one another. While this is an excellent option for many pets, it is not without concerns. The person in charge of the kennel must have prior experience working with animals of various personalities.

Many cats, especially altered cats, may share a room with another foreign cat if the space is big enough and there are ample litter boxes. Dogs, on the other hand, pose a problem. Someone with expertise can quickly categorize canines based on size and disposition. However, a less skilled handler may need help identifying hostility and separating the dogs exhibiting it.

As a result, the anxious or overly submissive dog is placed in a group with more aggressive dogs. While no fights are likely to occur, the less dominant dog will be unnecessarily anxious in the kennel.

Health Issues to Consider When Boarding Your Pet

When exposed to other animals, you should be concerned about your pet’s health. Before boarding your pet, ensure that it has had all the required immunizations from your veterinarian.

Your pet should also be on a heartworm preventative and a flea and tick preventative. Even though most boarding facilities demand proof of vaccines, parasite controls are seldom monitored. If your pet is not current on this, it may carry fleas, ticks, or other health issues back home. 

It is equally crucial for your pet that the other pets in the boarding facility get immunized. Inquire whether documentation of immunizations is necessary when dropping off an animal and which vaccines are required. Immunizations are not always successful, and the best approach to keep your pet healthy is to keep all other animals around them healthy.

Make Preparations For Time Apart

A reputable boarding facility will provide your pet with basic requirements (such as shelter, bedding, and outdoor space), but be sure to know what you need to deliver. Most facilities will want you to supply your own food, instructions on how much your dog should eat, and any prescriptions they require.

You could also want to give them something that reminds them of home, such as a favorite toy or a T-shirt with your smell. Before bringing extra goods, such as a favorite blanket or food, check with the facility.

If the animals are kept in an open space together, your pet’s toy or bed may cause issues. Your pet, like a tiny child, may refuse to share, and other pets, like children, may attempt to push him to. This is because everything in an open-boarding environment is shared property.

You can still send special goodies, but remember that the other animals will most likely receive some as well.

Conveniently Located PNW Pet Boarding

Come to Pet Ponderosa for pet boarding if you are going out of town and worry about your dog being treated like royalty while you are away. We’ll ensure that your pet is secure, healthy, and well cared for. The precious peace of mind that comes from knowing he is in good care makes leaving your dog or cat behind when you go less painful. For additional information, please contact us right away.

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