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The Effects of Too Little or Too Much Attention

The Effects Of Too Little Or Too Much Attention

Any pet owner knows that having a furry friend at home can be very gratifying. But the reality is that our pets need attention. Several factors can affect how much attention you need to give your dog.

Although we can take the time to educate ourselves, each dog can develop their unique personality. For this reason, we need to keep an eye out for certain behaviors our pets display when they receive either too little or too much attention.

Effects of Too Little Attention

You might think you are giving your pet enough attention, but keep an eye on them for signs that they need more. These sign can include:

  • Physical/Health changes
  • Changes in normal habits
  • Behavioral changes

Physical/Health Changes

The attention our pets need isn’t just limited to hugs and kisses. Cats and dogs are prone to becoming obese and developing diabetes or arthritis.

Weight gain is the most obvious sign that our pets need more exercise than they are getting. Part of your job as a pet owner is to manage the number of calories they are taking in and having a regular exercise schedule.

Is your pet’s fur a bit too long? Are those nails looking more like eagle claws? These can be signs that you’re not fulfilling your parental duties. Keeping your pets looking fresh and clean will show them how much you care for and love them.

Changes in Normal Habits

As you spend time with your pet, you begin to notice some of their daily habits like:

  • Sleeping. Has the amount of time they spend sleeping been increasing? If you noticed that your pet is sleeping all the time, this could be due to a lack of mental stimulation.
  • Eating. If your pet starts to lose their appetite, your first instinct might be to take them to the vet. This is always a good option to be on the safe side, but if your dog is healthy, then it might be a sign of depression.

Playtime is essential to not only keep the weight off but will also boost up your pet’s energy levels.

Behavioral Changes

When your pet doesn’t receive the attention they desire, they will make sure to get that attention. The boredom they experience will lead to acts of rebellion that will not make you happy.

Some of those rebellious acts can include:

  • Peeing or pooping inside after being trained
  • Chewing/Destroying items around the house
  • Getting into and spilling the trash

Any odd behaviors that your pet displays can be the effects of too little attention.

Effects of Too Much Attention

When your pet receives too much attention, this can also be bad because it can lead to your pet becoming over-reliant on you. When they are used to constant attention and then lose it, they can display some of the behavioral changes mentioned above.

A pet that is overly dependent on their owner is more likely to develop separation anxiety. When your pet is left alone, they will become aggressive, constantly bark, and even try to escape from home.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Balance

At Pet Ponderosa we understand that you can’t always give your pet the attention they might need. That is why we offer a variety of services to provide your pet with the exercise and socialization that they need.

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