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Dog Personalities by Breed: The Herding Group

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Herding Group
Once members of the working group, the Herding Group of dog breeds has a distinct ability to control the movements of other animals. Developed to herd and protect livestock, these dogs presently work jobs in law enforcement and rescue operations. They are typically very easy to train and form strong bonds with their humans. Here are a few distinctive breeds from the herding group and their personalities.

1) Belgian Tervuren

The Belgian Tervuren (sometimes referred to as Tervs, shown above) is a highly intelligent breed with an insatiable desire to work and achieve tasks. A Terv’s human will need to find a lot of creative outlets for this dog’s work ethic. They are known to be very affectionate with their loved ones, and they are great household protectors. They are popular choices for K-9 units as well as search and rescue teams.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Herding Group

2) Border Collie

Perfect for athletes and people who want a furry workout buddy, Border Collies are energetic, intelligent, and diligent workers. This breed is playful and bright but might be a little too much for the couch potato or frequent traveler. They need constant and consistent exercise. Otherwise, they are prone to becoming overweight.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Herding Group

3) Collie

The Collie is one of the most recognizable dogs breeds, and their beautiful coat and gracefull appearance have awarded them a high-status. Collies are devoted and loyal dogs and make excellent family members due to their love of children. Their coat is a little high maintenance, but the ever-famous Collie is worth the effort.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Herding Group

4) German Shepard

German Shepards are the ultimate home protector. They are courageous, so much so they have been known to risk their own lives to protect their loved ones. They are loyal and confident and are gentle with their families. They do not create bonds with people immediately, but once you’ve earned the affection of a German Shepard, expect a friend for life.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Herding Group

5) Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a bright and easy-to-train breed that also makes a lovable family member. They are very alert, and have a “big dog bark,” so, despite their size, they are also a great deterrent for potential intruders.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Herding Group

6) Shetland Sheepdog

These small and curly eared dogs, often called a “Sheltie,” are sensitive, playful, and obedient. They are typically a little reserved towards strangers and might bark at those they do not recognize. But they are also incredibly easy to train and are energetic and intelligent companions.

Keep Your Herding Group Dog Well Groomed

Many herding group dogs have long or shaggy coats, so keeping them looking beautiful and healthy can be a challenge. Take care of your furry friend’s fur with grooming services at Pet Ponderosa Resorts and Spas.

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