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Pet-Cation Premium Departure Services

Pet Transportation
You don't have to come home to a dirty, smelly pup. Here at Pet Ponderosa, we offer premium grooming services done all before you pick up your fur baby. We will make sure they are primped and perfect before they get to go home and cuddle you!

Bring Your Pet Home Fresh and Clean

Every doting pet owner loves snuggling their pet, especially when your doggy or kitty cat’s coat is clean and shiny! The warm, fuzzy feeling is that much better after you and your sweet pet have been separated for a few days.

When you drop off your beloved dog or cat to board with us, we provide superior care for them and love them like our own.

Opt for Pre-Homecoming Pet Grooming

In addition to regularly scheduled grooming and bathing, Pet Ponderosa Resort and Spa is proud to offer a premium departure service, including bath and nail trim.

That means when your precious fur baby boards with us, you can opt for them to get primped and proper before you arrive to pick them up at the end of his or her stay.

What better way to send them off back with mom and dad than giving them a good thorough bath and nail trim before they pack up in your car and head home?

Plus, what pet owner wants to come home to a smelly pup? We understand that when you get home from vacation (or whatever may have taken you from home for a few days), you are far too exhausted to have to think of bathing the dog on top of unpacking, cleaning the house, and wrapping your mind around going to work the next day. Let us return your fur baby fresh and clean!

Pet Ponderosa’s unbeatable departure services are just one more reason for your four-legged friend to look forward to boarding with us whenever you are out of town for a while.

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