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Donated Pet Oxygen Masks from Pet Ponderosa ALREADY Saving Lives

Donated Pet Oxygen Masks From Pet Ponderosa Already Saving Lives
None of us could have guessed just how quickly the pet oxygen mask kits we donated to the Graham Fire & Rescue team would play a crucial role in saving the lives of local animals. We are so happy and relieved to hear of this pet lives success!

Graham Fire & Rescue Saves Dog Using Donated Oxygen Mask

Just a few weeks after Pet Ponderosa fully outfitted Graham Fire and Rescue with much needed pet oxygen masks for their emergency vehicles, precious pet lives are already being saved.

The brave South Sound firefighters and rescuers on the Graham Fire and Rescue team were in the phase of training their crew on using the pet oxygen masks, so the masks had not been installed on the trucks yet. Still, when an emergency situation occurred from a house fire, and a dog’s life was in danger, the Graham Fire and Rescue department did not hesitate to spring into action!

“They (Graham Fire and Rescue) actually had just got the pet masks and were not on the trucks yet, but wasted no time getting them to the scene. I held his airway clear and the mask worked perfect. He was breathing but non coherent. Without it I’m not sure he would have made it. I wasn't going to give up. Thanks for supplying the oxygen and mask”.

Shelby Miller Kiro Pet Ponderosa Oxygen Masks Graham Fire And Rescue

For us, here at Pet Ponderosa, we are overjoyed to know that the donated pet rescue tools are already proving to be lifesaving here in the Pierce County community. We send warm regards to the family who suffered the emergency, and we are happy to know they and their beloved dogs are safe and sound.

Watch the KIRO 7 news report or read the original pet oxygen mask donation story for more info on Pet Ponderosa’s donated pet oxygen masks!

Photos courtesy of Graham Fire and Rescue Facebook and Shelby Miller at KIRO 7

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