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2 New Ways to Save on Pet Grooming in the PNW

Pet Grooming
Here at Pet Ponderosa, our pricing has changed as of 2019 to more accurately reflect the top-notch quality of our pet grooming services while at the same time giving our furry customers new opportunities to save. Check out our new promos!

Here at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa, we are always looking for an opportunity to give back to our loyal customers (both human and animal).

Whether you are already frequent Pet Ponderosa customer or you are a loving pet owner looking for quality pet grooming services starting now, we are sure you’ll be interested in our newest discounts and adjusted pricing!

As of January 2019, here at Pet Ponderosa we have adjusted our pet grooming prices to better reflect the superior quality of services we provide.

So what does it mean for you and your pet?

Two new incredible pet grooming discount opportunities!

The First Loyal Customer Discount:

If you already ARE a regular Pet Ponderosa customer or you want to be, you can get discount grooming starting NOW. Sign up for regular, scheduled grooming appointments for every 4 to 6 weeks and get an automatic 10% off! No strings attached, it is just that simple!

The Second Super Saver Discount:

Tired of your pet’s long nails scratching up you, your furniture and your gorgeous wood floors? Not to worry. Starting now, every Thursday you can get 50% off nail trimming for your pet. That’s right, nail trimming at half price every single week! Don’t forget to write it on your calendars, and mark your schedules because Thursday is discount day! Call ahead to be sure you don’t miss out on getting a nail trimming reservation.

Contact Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa ASAP to schedule an appointment and get in on all of the new pet grooming discount action!

Call Us Today to Book our Premium PNW Pet Grooming Services

Don’t forget to ask more about how you can save with our brand new 2019 discounts!

Pet Boarding

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