freshly groomed dog


We can provide safe and comfortable pet transportation to and from your dogs grooming appointment.

Full Service Pet Grooming

Bring your dogs and cats in for a spa day! Whether it’s just a bath or full groom with haircut, we are here to cater to your pet’s spa needs. Let us groom and bathe your animals so that they look and feel wonderful. Our groomers will provide them with an unbelievably gentle experience.

Grooming Reservations highly recommended

Our spa is very popular, so make sure you book your grooming appointments in advance so that you get your pet in when you need to! If your pet has special grooming needs, don’t be afraid to discuss it with your groomer so that you’re happy with the results.

Our professional groomers always provide personal, friendly, and superior quality grooming for all breeds. Have you ever seen a cat with a lion cut? Check it out and prepare to fall in love!

If you are lodging with us, be sure to ask about booking a grooming appointment during your stay, especially if your pet will be taking a dip in the swimming pool as a daily exercise. We can make sure your four-legged loved one is fresh and clean before he heads home with you.

Grooming Transportation

Don’t want your pet in the car? With your life being in constant flux, we are proud to offer services to help make your grooming appointment with us more convenient. We provide transportation for pets to and from our resort and your home for grooming appointments. We deliver the necessary, safe, and secure transportation for pick-up and delivery any day of the week! Call for more information on our pet transportation services!