Why Choose Pet Ponderosa's Pet Boarding?

Climate Controlled Kennels

Our cat and dog boarding facilities are climate controlled to ensure that your pet does not suffer in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

Relaxing & Quite Dog Boarding

We use an ultrasonic bark device in our pet boarding facility to keep the environment calm so your furry friend doesn't stress out at their "stay-cation"!

We Only Use the BEST Quality Dog Food

If your pet is on a special diet, you can always provide your own dog food as well as we want your pet to ensure as calm an experience as possible.

Earn Bonus Boarding Days with Points

We track the number of days you board with us during the year. You earn points for days, cash them in for FREE Pet Boarding.

Choose Your Pet's Kennel Size

Some dog's prefer a smaller kennel as they feel safe and protected. If your pet prefers a larger kennel, we have those available too.

Short or Long Term Dog & Cat Boarding

Whether you will be away for a week or a month, we have pet boarding prices that will accommodate your trip and ensure your pet is safe and happy!

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Fun Pet Lodging

Daily Activities for your Pet are REQUIRED

While your pet is staying with us, it’s required that you choose a daily activity for him / her to enjoy.

  1. Think of Pet Ponderosa as a pet resort rather than just a storage facility! Your pet deserves to get out during the day and enjoy different activities.
  2. While staying at the ranch, Pet Ponderosa Resorts & Spas gives your dog the mental and physical stimulation that is good for him / her every day. 
  3. Whether you have one dog or a family of dogs, the cost of each ranch activity is $6 a day, so let the good times continue at Pet Ponderosa Resorts & Spas.

There are plenty of ranch activities that you can choose from. Choose the activity that your dog is going to enjoy most!  

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Pet Boarding

Luxurious pet boarding without the luxury price's

Our Pet boarding services are going to blow you and your pet away. Let your furry friend have his / her own little vacation while you are enjoying your own getaway.  Providing Short or Long Term Lodging for Cats and Dogs

Our main kennel is temperature controlled, clean, and quiet with different sized kennels and an ultrasonic bark device to keep the environment calm. Part of your dog’s vacation is to participate in at least one daily activity, and you get to choose the activity that you think your dog would enjoy most.


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