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The 5 Most Common Cat Sounds: What is your Pet trying to tell you?

The 5 Most Common Cat Sounds: What Is Your Pet Trying To Tell You?

Cats are very social animals that rely on a complex and sophisticated communication system to convey their emotions and desires. Vocalizations are a vital aspect of this communication. As pet owners, we find our cats’ sounds very adorable. However, we often misunderstand what our furry friends are trying to tell us. But don’t worry, here we will break down the five most common cat noises and explain what they mean.


Meowing is the most common form of vocalization for our feline friends and one that is unique to domesticated cats. In the wild, kittens meow to let their mother know that they need something, but as they grow up and become independent, they don’t need to meow. On the other hand, our pets maintain this adorable form of communication into adulthood for the same reason. Cats depend on their owners for their basic needs, so meowing is a way for them to tell us that they are hungry, want to go outside, or just need attention from you.


Purring is arguably the cutest of all cat noises. Most of the time, these charming little vibrations signify that your cat is relaxed and happy, which is why they often vocalize this way while sleeping, being petted, or sunning themselves. However, scientists believe that purring is more than just a way for a cat to express contentment. According to an article published by Scientific American, cats purr at a sound “frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz”, which is believed to improve bone density and stimulate tissue repair in wounded felines.


HIssing is one of the most misunderstood forms of feline communication. Often, cat owners think that their cat is angry when they hiss. However, most of the time, this isn’t the case. Instead, hissing is a way for a cat to express that they are afraid, uncomfortable, or territorial. So if your furry friend hisses at you, don’t take it personally. They probably just need some space and some time to cool off.


Like hissing, howling means that your cat is uncomfortable. You often hear cats howling at each other before a fight as a warning to “back off!”. However, if your cat is meowing within the safety of your home, it probably means that they are in some sort of pain. Stomach cramps commonly cause howling, which typically subside after a cat poops or vomits. But if their howling persists, you should take them to the vet to get checked out as soon as possible.

Chirping or Chattering

Although cats make many noises to communicate with their owners, some sounds are meant for other cats and even prey. Take chirping, for example. You’ll often find your cat staring out of a window at a bird, itching to get outside and chase it. It sounds counterproductive for a cat to chirp when hunting, but some investigators believe that this behavior is intended to mimic prey, catching its intention before a cat makes its final pounce.

Does Your Cat Need a Vacation?

We mentioned before that a cat might meow when it wants something from you. Could it be that your cat’s persistent meowing is its way of telling you that they need a day at the spa? If you have an upcoming trip or weekend getaway planned, why not treat your kitty to a trip at pet ponderosa? They can enjoy a good bath and grooming session, and you can rest easy knowing that your feline companion is in good hands and well cared for. Contact us today to make a reservation.

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