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5 Fascinating Cat Habits and The Reasons Behind Them

5 Fascinating Cat Habits And The Reasons Behind Them

Cats are fascinating creatures. So many of their little quirks leave us scratching our heads, asking ourselves, what is going on in that little brain of theirs? However, as it turns out, there are good reasons for their crazy habits. Here are five of our favorite interesting cat behaviors and why they do what they do.


Making biscuits, muffin making, call it what you will, but this adorable habit is one that nearly all cats share. There are a few reasons why felines feel the need to knead (pun intended), the first of which is comfort. Soft cushions, blankets, and carpets may have a similar texture to their mother’s fur. So when they push their paws into the fabric, it simulates the feeling your cat had when it was a kitten, nursing from its mother. But it’s not the only reason for this interesting tendency. Cats also kneed to mark what they feel is theirs. So if your cat decides to start making muffins on your leg, take it as a compliment that they love you and don’t what to share you with others.

Chirping or Chattering

Just like humans, cats are very vocal creatures, and their little chirps and chatters are ways that they communicate with each other, with us, and even with their prey. Short, loud chirps are often a cat’s way of expressing that they are content and happy, While soft, subtle chatters are usually uttered when your cat is playing with fellow cats or hunting prey like birds or mice.

Hiding in Small Spaces

If you have a feline friend at home, without a doubt, you’ve stared in amazement as they’ve crammed themselves into a box, bag, or container that is far too small for their furry body. While they may seem uncomfortable, they couldn’t be more at home. Scientists believe that the need to fit into small confined spaces is a natural survival mechanism that has trickled down from a time before cats were domesticated. In the wild, cats seek out small spaces to escape from danger or predators, so don’t be surprised if they run and hide the moment you turn on your vacuum cleaner.

Knocking Things Over

Cats are notorious for knocking things over for seeming no reason at all. This behavior can be annoying, but most of the time, it’s completely innocent behavior and is a byproduct of their curiosity. Felines love to explore their environment and the things in it. So if they occasionally knock something off a shelf, it could just be that they’re bored and need a little extra mental stimulation in their life.

Covering Their Food

Cats have a habit of covering their food after eating with an object or by pushing it under something. This behavior is thought to be a survival instinct, as cats would cover their food in the wild to keep it safe from other predators. Covering their food ensures that it remains fresh and protected, and they can return to it later when they are hungry again.

Show Your Quirky Cat Some Love

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