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The Benefits of Pet Boarding

The Benefits Of Pet Boarding

We all enjoy taking care of our amazing pets. But the reality is that from time to time, we either have to go on business trips, attend to family emergencies, or simply need to get away for a nice vacation.

Although we love our pets, it’s not always possible to take them with us. Maybe this requires us to look for a pet sitter, whether it’s a professional, a friend, or a family member. Do you have any other options?

Pet Ponderosa offers you another option: Pet boarding!

The Advantages of Boarding Your Pet

While you might feel more comfortable leaving your pet with someone you know, we invite you to make Pet Ponderosa your pet’s home away from home. We strive to provide top-quality boarding for dogs and cats alike, giving you many benefits to enjoy.

Secure Environment

At Pet Ponderosa, your pet’s second home is equipped with clean, climate-controlled kennels that will make them feel nice and cozy. We can provide a secure environment designed to accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes. Our facility even includes an ultrasonic bark device intended to keep the environment calm to benefit all our pets.

Before any pet can stay at our facilities, they must be up-to-date on all their vaccines. So rest assured that your pet’s health will not be compromised while being boarded.

Daily Exercise

While you may not have the time to give your pet the exercise they require consistently, the pet boarding facilities at Pet Ponderosa will offer your loving companion open spaces for them to play together with other animals.

We give you control by offering various options of fun activities you can choose for your pet.

Social Interaction

Playing with other pets isn’t just about getting their much-needed exercise. Pet boarding provides your pet with the opportunity to socialize. Interacting with other animals and other people will allow them to get the attention they need and avoid common behavioral issues, such as:

Our trained and attentive staff will ensure that each of our guests is treated to their own little pet-cation.

Proper Nutrition

You’re not the only one that enjoys tasting excellent food when on vacation. Pet Ponderosa is ready to provide your pet with the same five-star cuisine on a sound eating routine. We will serve your pet with premium pet food by Life’s Abundance.

Life’s Abundance premium dog and cat food have been created to be both nutritious and delicious. We have taken the time to properly investigate and invest in well-balanced meals that are sure to contribute to your pet’s overall good health.

Medicinal Care

Maybe one of your unexpected trips arises during a time that your pet is on some medication. The routine kept at our pet boarding facilities makes it easy to administer any medication your pet might be taking.

Boarding for Both Dogs and Cats

Pet Ponderosa is a fun pet lodge that offers short-term and long-term boarding for felines and canines. There is no need to worry about your pet’s safety since we provide a specialized area for cats separate from our doggy guests.

Reserve the perfect vacation for your pet today!

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