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Five Tips for Choosing a New Family Dog

Five Tips For Choosing A New Family Dog

Few things in life are as precious as babies and puppies. As an expecting or new parent, you may have decided it’s time to add a furry friend into your life. 

Before jumping into this new and exciting role, there are a handful of things to take into account when choosing an ideal breed for you and your small children. All families are different; therefore, below are suggestions we recommend considering based on your specific families’ needs.

Things to Keep in Mind


Arguably the most crucial factor is a specific breed’s temperament. While not all dogs in a breed have a cloned personality, some breeds tend to be on the calmer side, while others are always ready for adventure. 

For example, Border Collies are famous for being furry balls of energy. If your family is active and ready for daily runs, then this may best suit you. If this doesn’t appeal to your way of life, a gentle lap dog may be a better option.


Does your family have plenty of yard space and room for your new friend to run around? A larger breed necessitates more room both inside and outside the home. Many large breeds, such as Labradors or Golden Retrievers, are extra loving and patient with small children.

3-Grooming Needs

All dogs need regular grooming and care. However, some breeds require additional attention, time, and energy. One example is a Poodle. While they make for very loyal friends, their coat demands more frequent grooming than other breeds. 

Although this isn’t a negative thing, it’s essential to consider for busy families. As your children grow up, safely assisting with grooming is a great way to teach responsibility.


It’s no secret that babies and puppies require loads of attention. Between potty training and discipline training alone, don’t be surprised if you are constantly on your feet for a few months. A puppy will quickly befriend the entire family. 

Your family may prefer an older adult dog who is already trained and accustomed to a schedule. Inviting an older dog into your family gives you a bit of knowledge about their personality from a previous owner or keeper.


Do you already have other pets in your home? Most dogs and cats are happy to cohabitate after a timely introduction. A few breeds have strong instincts for herding and chasing small animals. This doesn’t mean you should avoid all herding dogs or terriers under any circumstances. After patient and dedicated training, these excitable breeds may learn to leave the family cat in peace. 

If you are hoping to introduce two dogs into your home, most breeds will hit it off with their new pack.

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All families and dogs are different. What works for one family may not in yours. Regardless of your situation, at Pet Ponderosa, we are dedicated to helping with all your pet care and keeping needs. 

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, give us a call or fill out our online contact form.

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