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What Are Local Dog Daycare Rates?

What Are Local Dog Daycare Rates?

As a dog owner, there’s no doubt that you’d take your pup with you everywhere you’d go if you could. Unfortunately, taking your dog to work or on vacation is rarely the practical solution to caring for your pet and can even complicate your already busy lifestyle. 

How can you make sure your beloved pets get the love and attention they deserve when you can’t be there for them? You may want to take into consideration enrolling them into doggy daycare. 

How Much Does Dog Daycare Cost?

Rates vary depending on the location and quality of care your pet will receive at a doggy daycare. Local rates for a dog daycare range from $12 to $50 per day; however, the average price is around $42 a day.

Many doggy daycares, including Pet Poderosa Daycamp, include discounts when you pay ahead of time for a week or a month worth of stays. We offer 5-day, 10-day, or 20-day passes that save you both time and money in your search for the perfect home away from home for your best friend.

What do Doggy Daycare Rates Include?

If you decide doggy daycare is the best option for your pet for those days you’re running errands, working, or traveling, you can expect that your dogs get the care they deserve. 

Doggy daycare includes playing and socializing with other canines, various daily activities that promote exercise, nutritious food, and plenty of attention from our animal-loving staff. There will also be plenty of time for your pet to get the relaxation and sleep they need to stay healthy and happy. 

Here at Pet Ponderosa, we promise to feed your pet organic, nutritious meals made without corn and artificial flavoring. Of course, pet owners may provide other food if they choose.

Additional Costs

Some doggy daycares will charge other fees, such as an application fee. For example, before allowing a dog to join our daycare, we do an extensive evaluation process to understand each guest’s needs and temperaments. Doing so ensures that all dogs enjoy their time with Pet Ponderosa. 

Other additional costs might include transportation. If you need your pet picked up from your house, the veterinarian, the airport, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered with scheduled pickups and dropoffs. 

To ensure their pet is fresh and clean at the end of the day, many pet parents opt to pay for bathing and grooming services. Just make sure you schedule an appointment for grooming and other spa treatments the same day as their stay.

The Pet Ponderosa Daycare Promise

We strive to make all our furry guests feel welcome and at home here at Pet Ponderosa. Pet parents can feel confident that their dogs are well taken care of and in a safe and peaceful environment as we adhere to a strict screening process. 

The next time your plans require that your pet needs a second home, you can have the peace of mind that the staff here at Pet Ponderosa will make your dog comfortable and loved. Call us today for our daily rates and pass discounts.

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