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Doggy Day Camp: Cheap Dog Boarding

Doggy Day Camp: Cheap Dog Boarding

Staying inside all day, day after day, is a drag. It’s no different from for your dogs. Dogs big and small need exercise and playful interactions with other furry friends. The best way to keep your pets happy is to send them to a Doggy Day Camp. 

A few factors to keep in mind when choosing the right Doggy Day Camp for you are: 

  • How expensive is it? 
  • Will your fur babies be comfortable and content? 
  • What will they be fed? 
  • What activities will be available? 

Here we’ve answered these questions for you making your choice and fast and easy one.

Affordable Boarding For Your Pet

Leave the stress and costs of booking with pricey Doggy Day Camps behind and let Pet Ponderosa help care for your pet!

Whether it’s one night or one month, we offer cost-efficient prices.

Your Dog’s Comfort and Contentment

We have cozy lodging for our furry guests so they can sleep just as well as they do in the comfort of their own home! 

Keeping in mind the Pacific Northwest Climate we ensure your pup will have a good nights’ rest with our climate controlled kennels.

Feeding your Dog Affordable and Nutritious Meals

Your pup will be sure to build up an appetite with the excitement of their stay. While affordable, our meals are rich in probiotics and flavor.

Your pet will be satisfied with our delicious and nutritious provided meals. Does your dog require a special diet? Bring along their own special food. 

Make sure to let us know of any extra nutritional needs.

Activities and Services That Keep Your Pet Happy

Our Doggy Day Camp Involves:

  • Daily exercise. A necessity for a healthy happy pet! 
  • Playful pet interactions. Your pet will be safe around our furry guests with the extra precautions our professional staff takes. 
  • Healthy nutritious meals. Get our 5 star meals without paying for the cost of one!
  • Relaxing spa experience. Will your pet be staying a couple of nights? Let us pamper them! Book a grooming appointment so your pet feels relaxed and squeaky clean.

Feeling Nervous About Leaving Your Pet?

Skip any anxieties that come with leaving your pup. Tour our space and meet our professional staff beforehand!

Pet Ponderosa’s friendly staff will make your pet feel right at home. Knowing your pets are getting their needs catered to will make you feel at ease. We will make sure they’re comfortable.

Happy Stay With Pet Ponderosa’s Doggy Day Camp

Need someone to take great care of your best (furry) friend while you’re away? While sticking to your budget? 

When you Choose our Camp and Lodging Experience:

  • Your furry friend will be happy with their experience, whether they’re here for the day or a long stay, and will surely want to visit us again.
  • You will be happy with the amount you are saving while your pet has everything they need during your time apart. 
  • We are happy to care for your needs and your furry friends’ needs. 

Whether you’re working, running errands, or going on a trip, feel confident about leaving your pet with us anytime. Book our affordable Doggy Day Camp to let Pet Ponderosa meet all the needs of you and your pet.

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