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Find a Play Buddy For Your Puppy: Get Your Dog Socializing

Find A Play Buddy For Your Puppy: Get Your Dog Socializing

Children need to learn to be social, and your puppy isn’t any different. Finding a play buddy for your pup is super important.

It’s not always easy for everyone to take the time to train their dogs. Maybe you have friends that own dogs, but when you’ve planned those play dates, they become disastrous. 

Why should my puppy socialize?

Puppy Socialization

Hearing cars honk, seeing other animals and crowds might seem familiar to us humans, but these situations might seem threatening to dogs. Exposing your puppies to these things will make them easier to train and not react aggressively to others.

According to some studies, puppy socialization should start as early as three weeks old. Between this age and 12 weeks, your puppy is more willing to accept new experiences. It will become harder to teach them new things after this.

Benefits of Puppy Socialization

One common behavioral issue with dogs is territorial aggression. When unfamiliar people or other animals approach their territory, their reaction can be to growl, bark, lunge, chase, or even bite.

Anytime we see a puppy, the instinct of any dog lover is to want to meet them. But non-social dogs usually display avoidance behaviors. Such behaviors include moving away from others, avoiding eye contact by looking in another direction or sniffing around the floor.

Providing your puppy with the proper socialization will allow you to raise a more relaxed, more peaceful, and happier dog. It will also make a puppy easier to train as they grow up.

Different Methods For Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization includes having your pup meet other dogs. Your puppy can learn a lot from older, more well-behaved, and trained dogs.

One excellent option to provide your dogs with the socialization experience they need is to find a dog walker. When using a dog walker, your dog will not only receive the necessary exercise, but they usually will take multiple dogs with them. 

Dog walkers might also know great dog-friendly parks in your area. At these doggy parks, you will find places to provide a controlled environment. You can supervise your puppies as they run, jump, and play around with others while off their leash.

Pet Services at Pet Ponderosa

Taking care your all your puppy’s needs can seem like a burden. Most pet owners have to balance their daily lives with work, family, and their amazing puppies. But you can always ask for help!

At Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa, we are animal lovers at heart. Combined with the extensive training and experience our team receives, you have the perfect place to care for your pet.

We offer pet walking services within 6 miles of our 2 locations and can even swing by and pick them up. If you need us to take them for a bit longer, we also offer our Doggy Daycare Services, where your pup will receive the daily attention and care they need.

Contact us today or see the experience for yourself!

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