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How Often Should I Have My Dog Groomed?

How Often Should I Have My Dog Groomed?

It takes time for every new dog owner to begin learning the ropes. You’re constantly on the lookout for the best toys, dog food, and dog parks. However, one aspect of owning a dog that may stump you is how often you should be grooming your dog. 

Every dog is different and how often you groom them can depend on their coat, how much they shed, or the amount of brushing you do at home.

If you’re not sure how often your pet should be groomed, here are a few types of dog coats and how often they should be groomed.

Young Puppies

If you have young puppies or your dog has never been to the groomers, its best to get them acclimated at home first. 

To get the dog used to the process, groom, and brush them at home frequently. When they visit professional groomers, they’ll be more used to the sensation and feel more at ease.

Short-Haired Dogs

Short-haired dogs are fairly easy to groom. They require minimal amounts of brushing and only need baths occasionally. If your dog happens to shed excessively, perhaps your groomer may have a special service to reduce the shedding.

Double Coated Long Haired Dogs

These dogs will typically shed seasonally. However, they do have longer pieces of hair on parts of their body like their legs, bellies, feet, or ears. 

You may choose to trim this hair often, as it is more prone to becoming matted. It’s important to note that if your dog does develop mats, don’t hesitate to come in and see us here at Pet Ponderosa. Avoid trying to cut them out yourself, as you run the risk of cutting your dog.

Dogs With Thick Undercoats

If you have a dog with a thick undercoat, make sure to remove it seasonally. If left alone, this thick undercoat can become severely matted. 

You’ll have to shave the mats out, which can be very bad for your dog’s hair. It can even lead to sunburns on the shaved spots. To prevent this, aim to professionally groom your dog every three months.

Silky Coated Dogs

Dogs like terriers or cocker spaniels have silky coats that are soft and flow. This makes their hair quite prone to matting and tangling. To avoid this, plan to groom your dog every four to six weeks.

Have Your Pet Groomed At Pet Ponderosa

Pet Ponderosa offers a full-service pet grooming for your furry friends! They will enjoy a luxury spa treatment from a member of our professionally trained staff. 

Whether you choose a simple bath or a full grooming service with a new cut, we aim to meet the needs of each pet and owner.

If this is your pet’s first grooming, there’s no need to be nervous! Our staff is ready to customize our spa treatments to put your pet at ease. 

Fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch!

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