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Do I Need to Bathe My Cat?

Do I Need To Bathe My Cat?

Our pets are our family. We feed them the best food and spoil them at every opportunity. In this day and age, fur babies are a real thing. We even allow our pets to snuggle in bed with us as if they were our children. 

Imagine snuggling up to your cat after a long day. You are tired, enjoyed a nice meal, and all that remains on your to-do list is to leisurely sip a glass of wine as you cuddle Sprinkles and binge The Great British Bake Off. 

Suddenly, your relaxing evening is interrupted by an indescribable stench.

You know you took a shower today, so what could that overwhelming aroma be? 

You realize it’s sweet Sprinkles, adorable but smelly.

You wonder: When is the last time Sprinkles had a bath?

It might not be something you think about often, but cats need quality time with soap and water once in a while.

To Bathe or Not to Bathe?

The average person doesn’t have time to wrangle their cat into the bathtub and hold them down with the jaws of life to bathe them. 

It’s well known that cats hate water. 

You can only imagine the scenario which would include one soggy, disgruntled cat and an exhausted cat owner, covered in scratches.

After one failed attempt, you may not even want to try again. 

Maybe even imagining how this sudsy showdown could unravel could scare you enough not to try at all. Even if you were to do so, you could groom them improperly.

Cats are very self-sufficient and self-clean daily. 

That is good news. It means no need to bathe your cat frequently. 

However, if you notice that your cat is visibly dirty or seriously stinky, it may be time to give them a good scrub.

Where Can You Get Help to Soothe the Stench?

Pet Ponderosa offers a variety of grooming services that will save the day.

Whether you want a simple bath or a spa day to pamper your favorite feline in luxury, Pet Ponderosa can fulfill your cat grooming needs.

Keep these things in mind before bringing your cat in:

  • Make staff aware of any special grooming needs. The grooming staff wants to provide individualized service to pamper your pet. Let the staff know the do’s and don’t’s so that they can make your pet as comfortable as possible!
  • Make an appointment in advance. These guys are in high demand. Making an appointment will ensure you arrive with a dirty cat and leave with a fresh and clean one without any wait.
  • Take advantage of the pet transportation offered. Transportation to and from the grooming facilities are offered seven days a week. This means no worries about transporting a dirty cat in your back seat! 

So what are you waiting for?

Schedule an appointment with Pet Ponderosa today.

Before you know it, you’ll be back to cuddling on the couch with Sprinkles, sans the stink, in no time at all! 

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