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Dog Walking: Why it’s So Important

Dog Walking: Why It’s So Important

As a doting puppy parent, you can likely list a few great reasons to take your dog for a walk right off the top of your head.

For one, you’re probably tired of facing these outcomes when you can’t walk your dog:

  • Dealing with sad puppy dog eyes that make you feel guilty as your pup looks longingly at his leash. 
  • Dealing with a rambunctious dog running all around the house because he didn’t burn off any energy.
  • Dealing with the fact that Spot is chewing up everything he can get ahold of because he’s bored. 

A desire to avoid these ‘no walk’ consequences may already be enough of a motivator for you to put on your shoes and get out the door. 

Still, there is an even bigger factor that makes dog walking so important: health! 

Dog Walking - Keep Your Dog Healthy

Often, when we think about obesity in America, we tend to think in human terms. Sadly, however, recent data reveals that obesity is a serious problem in the world of dogs and cats. 

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) reveals that “In APOP’s 2018 clinical survey, 55.8% of dogs and 59.5% of cats were classified as clinically overweight…or obese…by their veterinary healthcare professional.”

It’s true, the data on pet obesity is quite astounding. 

“That equals an estimated 50 million dogs and 56 million cats are too heavy, based on 2018-19 pet population projections provided by the American Pet Products Association (APPA),” adds APOP. 

Of course, diet is a huge factor in your dog’s health, but beyond controlling what your pup eats and how much he eats, exercise remains an important part in the life of a healthy pet. 

Regularly walking your dog can help keep him fit and active while at the same time providing the mental stimulation and socialization he needs. 

Pro tip: Customize the frequency and intensity of your walks to your dog’s age and breed to ensure maximum benefits. 

Still, dogs aren’t the only ones who could benefit from a regular walk. How important is walking for us humans? 

Dog Walking - Keep Yourself Healthy

Admittedly, with the busy life most of us lead, it can be a challenge to carve out time for regular walks. 

However, when you take the time to establish this important routine, you will be doing wonders for you and your best furry friend’s health. 

There American Heart Association reports; “Research has shown that walking can have a significant impact on your health by lowering your chances of heart disease”.

Here are just a few more ways that walking your dog can benefit your health: 

  • Walking tones your body and trims up your waistline. 
  • Walking can help manage certain diseases and help prevent others. 
  • Walking boosts your mood and can even help with anxiety and depression.
  • Walking is a great opportunity to bond with your dog and spend time with friends. 
  • Walking can help you sleep better. 
  • Walking promotes healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Walking can help increase your energy levels. 

Put simply, walking feels good! 

Pet Walking Services

Here at Pet Ponderosa, we know that you are trying your best to walk your dog as often as possible. We hope you feel motivated to take out the leash, grab some treats, get Spot, and head for the park today! 

That being said, we completely understand that many dog owners simply don’t have the circumstances to walk their dogs on a daily or even regular basis. Some pet parents are limited by health, age, location, scheduling, or other factors that make walking Spot difficult, or even impossible. 

Don’t feel bad! Pet Ponderosa offers premium pet walking services within a 6-mile radius of Graham or South Hill, WA. Let us walk Spot when you can’t. We are insured and bonded, and we simply love pets! Get in touch today to find out more.

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