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Does My Cat Even Love Me?

Does My Cat Even Love Me?

Dog and Cat people love to argue bout whose pet loves them more. Dog owners argue that their canine friends are clearly the more loyal and affectionate of the two, and cats only show affection when they want something. However, this is simply untrue. Both dogs and cats show affection in their own unique ways.

Dogs tend to be very obvious in how they show us love, but cats often do it in more subtle ways. You may not realize it, but there is a long list of things that your cat does every day, that indicate that they trust and care for you. Here are a few quirky ways that cats say, “I love you.”

Rubbing Cheeks and Bumping Heads With You

This is arguably the most adorable thing that cats do. Our hearts swell when our furry friends rub their little faces on us. In addition to being cute, this act is an essential aspect of feline communication.

As many animals do, cats depend on scents to convey messages to others. When your cat rubs their head and cheeks on you, they are “marking you” by depositing pheromones onto your skin and clothing. This is an excellent indication that they trust you, and they want to tell other cats, “this is my human.” It is also thought that they rub themselves against us because they desire to have your scent on them because it makes them feel safe.

They Bring You Gifts

If you’ve ever had a cat that goes outside, you’ve probably received a few “presents” in the form of dead birds or mice. You may not realize it, but these gifts are one of the biggest signs of affection that a cat can give.

As natural hunters, cats love to catch and eat small animals. They only share their prey with animals or people that they care for. So next time you find a dead mouse on the porch, know that your cat loves you and wants praise for all the hard work they went through to bring you this special gift.

They Slowly Blink At You

You may have noticed that your cat tends to stare at you and slowly open and close their eyes. You probably assumed that your cat is just sleepy, but they could very well be trying to send you an important message.

All animals are most vulnerable when their eyes are closed. Cats especially will only rest in places where they feel safe and secure. So when your cat slowly blinks at you, they want you to know that they have complete trust in you. Some researchers suggest that when you bring home a new cat, blinking back at them is one of the best ways to establish a tight bond.

Return The Love

Our pets show us love in amazing ways, why not return the favor with a spa day! At Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa, we devoted to providing the best grooming service to all of our little furry friends. If your cat is in need of a bath or a haircut, our team of trained professionals can provide a luxurious spa experience, while making sure your pet feels calm and relaxed. Contact us today to mind out more!

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