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Cat Behaviors Explained: Staring and Blinking

Cat Behaviors Explained: Staring And Blinking

Cats have long been considered some of the most mysterious and unpredictable of housepets. We often have so many questions about the way they act. Why do we feel like they love us so much but at the same time seem aloof and disinterested? 

We love cats as much as you do, and we have answered questions about cat behaviors before, and we have more answers considering some of their strange behaviors — and no, they don’t involve your cat plotting your imminent demise.

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

One thing we often notice about cats is how they stare at us — endlessly — often from distant corners, doorways, tables, and chairs. 

But why?

If it seems to you that they are trying to telepathically communicate something to you — you might be right. Cats are amazing creatures, and they often learn surprising ways to get our attention. They are likely trying to let you know that they are hungry or want to go outside. 

You might find that your cat will find other ways to communicate or get your attention, such as meowing or even biting! My cat will sometimes wake me up in the morning by softly biting my nose when he is hungry! Maybe he realized staring wouldn’t work while I was asleep.

Another reason your cat might be staring could be a little more simple. If your cat doesn’t go outside and isn’t hungry, they might just be staring at you because you are simply their favorite thing to look at in the whole world! Isn’t that sweet?

Why Does My Cat Slowly Blink at me?

Most cat owners notice that their cat will stare and slowly blink at them. Some call it a “fluttering blink” or a “slow blink” — and there is actually a very interesting and adorable reason for this! 

Cats slowly close and open their eyes at you as a way of showing you that they trust you. A cat’s instincts would never allow it to close its eyes in any place or around anything unfamiliar or potentially dangerous. Consider it your cat’s way of telling you “I love you,” because in the animal kingdom, “I trust you,” is about as close as it gets.

Cats, including lions and tigers, have been observed doing the “slow blink” as well. It’s a well-documented cat behavior that is well understood. If you watch your cat with its neighborhood “cat friends,” you might notice them doing it with each other as well. It’s a sort of “buddy behavior” that cats across the spectrum will do with other creatures it trusts.

Try Blinking Back!

This behavior doesn’t only work one way. Try slowly blinking at your cat to tell you that you love them — you might notice that they begin purring or blinking back at you to return the sentiment! 

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