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Strange Cat Facts Explained: Cats Can’t Taste Sweets

Strange Cat Facts Explained: Cats Can’t Taste Sweets

You may have heard that chocolate is not just toxic to dogs, but to cats too! This fact might seem like quite a bummer for your feline friend. But with the exception of some rare cats that like sneak the occasional lick of ice cream, your cat probably won’t get any joy out of the desserts you feed them anyway. It turns out, cats can’t actually taste sweets!

Why Can't Cats Taste Sweets?

Unlike every other mammal (that we know of), the taste receptors of cats cannot detect sugars. They are only satisfied by the savory and salty flavors often found in animal-based foods. Many experts think the reason is that domestic cats have never evolved into an omnivore diet as domesticated dogs have. Still the obligate carnivores, cats only crave and desire one thing: meat and fish.

In fact, cats can taste something that humans cannot taste, which is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is a compound that supplies energy to living cells and is something that would help them distinguish meat from non-meat foods.

Keeping the Carbs at a Minimum

Carb dense foods, like grains and sweets, not only don’t do much for a cat’s tastebuds but can also cause a lot of health problems if feed to much. But many over the counter cat foods contain as much as 20% carbohydrates (mostly filler in the form of corn or other cheap grains). Health-conscious pet owners should find cat food brands that are creating grain-free formulas that focus on meat-based proteins and nutrients from veggies. Keeping the grain to a minimum can prevent obesity and feline diabetes.

Give Your Cat the Royal Treatment

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