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Dog Personalities by Breed: The Toy Group

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Toy Group

Like toys, the Toy Group of dog breeds have historically had only one purpose: to bring joy, delight, and cuteness to one’s life. Toy group dogs, and small dogs, in general, are perfect for city slickers and small space dwellers, are easier to train and tend to be less expensive to care for. They also, on average, have longer lifespans and travel well. Many dogs in the toy group have a bigger bark and bit then their size, so don’t let their small stature fool you.


An iconic breed that dates back to the ancient kingdoms of pre-Columbian times, the Chihuahua (shown above) is a national symbol of Mexico and are often called “purse dogs.” They require a lot of training and lap time and prefer warmer climates. They aren’t known to be great with children and are too small for rough playing (Chihuahua’s typically don’t get bigger than 6 pounds). They are fiercely loyal and desire to protect their humans.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Toy Group

English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel was initially bred to sit on the laps of kings, so they have a perfect mix of royal lapdog and intelligent, loving spaniel. They are known to take on the personalities of their human companions and can be finicky and selective with any company they keep. They are affectionate and aim to please, and they are also playful gentle.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Toy Group


Maltese are quite possible the perfect lap dog, and the breed has been perfected since the Bible was a rough draft. They are adaptable, gentle, and charming. Despite their long coat, they are considered a low shedding dog. Maltese are agile and elegant, have long lifespans, and are willing to make friends with children and the elderly alike. They re even know to be quite alert and excellent watchdogs.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Toy Group


The Pomeranian is one of the most versatile of the toy breeds. Active but good with indoor exercise, great for kids toddler age and above, and easily trained, this dog is excellent for the suburban family or single urban dweller. They are bold and playful and have a “big dog” personality.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Toy Group

Toy Poodle

For lovers of poodles who need a slightly smaller dog, the Toy Poodle is just as intelligent, confident, and athletic as their standard size cousins. Toy Poodles have very human-like personalities, and they expect to be treated like everyone else in the household. Poodles also have a low allergen coat, so they are great for those who struggle with having a pet companion.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Toy Group


The perfect house dog, Pugs, are loved by millions and is known for their excessive faces and small, muscular build. This breed loves their food, so portion control is a must, and the rolls of skin must be kept clean. Pugs are great in large families or with a loner, as only-pets or with many furry companions. They are highly adaptable and are the most openly loving of the toy dog breeds. The pug is also perfect for people who love to take their dogs anywhere because they are easy to train and charming.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Toy Group

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu (pronounced in the West “sheed-zoo” or “sheet-su”; the Chinese say “sher-zer”), means “lion.” In Chinese Buddhist cultures, the lion is associated with deities, so this cute and lovable breed has been bred within the royal courts for a thousand years. They are the ultimate lapdog, bred to lounge in palaces, so a great companion for those that don’t have a back yard or a lot of space.

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