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Dog Personalities by Breed: The Terrier Group

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Terrier Group

The Terrier group of dog breeds were initially bred to hunt vermin and fox or to work in areas with rugged terrain. They make great companions but are known for their distinctive personalities. They do not have a very high tolerance for other animals, even other dogs. They have a lot of energy, and their coat can be demanding and require special grooming. But overall, they are great family pets (if they are the only pets), have lively characters, and love to exercise.

Australian Terrier

Initially bred to be a helper and companion, the Australian Terriers (shown above) are the smallest of the working terrier breeds. Aussie’s have an affinity for helping the elderly and handicapped, so they make excellent therapy dogs. This particular breed is also high affectionate and spirited, and are good with children. They are family-oriented and adaptable to most climates, and thanks to their Aussie roots, they can travel across rough terrains (which make them a perfect companion for hiking and trail running).

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Terrier Group

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier has been featured in many a comedy or commercial, and it’s due to its charming and comical nature. They thrive on affection and love exorcise to maintain their muscular frame. With early socialization, they are excellent companions for both people and other pets. They might require some firm and rigorous training, but love to spend as much time with their humans as possible. With some upfront effort, this breed can be loyal and entertaining.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Terrier Group

Irish Terrier

Irish Terriers are now for being both courageous and tenderhearted. A dog with perfect balance, they are hard-working at work and sweet puppies at home when the day is done. Irish Terriers are a long-legged terrier, standing around 18 inches high at the shoulder. Perfect for those looking for a medium-size dog that is both sturdy and graceful.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Terrier Group

Norfolk Terrier

An owner of a Norfolk Terrier will have no problems with rodents or vermin near their house. These feisty, ready for adventure, confident dogs are perfectly cute companions. Perfect for the digital nomad, these dogs are known to be good travelers with their small portable frame and adaptable nature. They bond very closely with their humans, and can sometimes get jealous, so they can be excellent watchdogs. They are very energetic but also love a good lap nap.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Terrier Group

Russell Terrier

Initially bred for England’s site to use in fox hunts, the Russell Terrier is adorable, lively, and curious. One of the working terriers, Russell’s are eager and alert workers with prominent personalities. With very expressive faces and lots of confidence, these dogs make excellent friends and family members.

Dog Personalities By Breed: The Terrier Group

Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is perhaps one of the most independent of the terrier group. Their persistence and spirit have earned them the nickname “the Diehard.” Like many of England’s terriers, they are very alert and love to hunt, which can be problematic for cat owners. They are bold, and many owners say their personalities can be very human-like. Beautiful and confident, they are perfect for loners who can relate to their aloofness.

Treat Your Terrier Right

Already have a terrier breed at home? Make sure you take care of that coat! Terriers often require a unique grooming technique to keep their fur in tip-top shape. Trust Pet Ponderosa Resorts and Spas to give your terrier breed the royal treatment. Call us today to schedule a grooming appointment.

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