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Dog Personalities By Breed – Hound Group

Dog Personalities By Breed – Hound Group
A hound dog can run for miles and nap for hours...a perfect balance! Sound like the right fit for your personality? If you're wondering what kind of pup to adopt, read on to find out if a dog from the Hound Group might be your perfect canine companion.

Dog adoption is a big adjustment in your life, and your choice of breed should have much to do with your lifestyle, living conditions, interests and even personality.

That may seem like a lot to consider before adoption, but no need to fear. Here at Pet Ponderosa we are making an effort to simplify the decision process for you by breaking down the 7 main dog breed categories to help you find the best fit to offer you compatible companionship.

Previously, we discussed the first group, the Sporting Group. The playful, active and loving personalities of dogs belonging to the Sporting Group may very well appeal to you, especially if you love the outdoors!

The Sporting Group is not the only group that prefers to spend its time in the outdoors though. True many retrievers, pointers and setters love a good hunt. Nevertheless, there’s one group that has a long history of following its nose in a relentless quest for its quarry. You guessed it:  the Hound Group!

The Hound Group

The first thing that may come to your mind while reading this is “I’m not an avid hunter, why bother learning about hounds?” Still, even if you’re not a sportsman, don’t hastily cross this group off your list. You may find that certain breeds of hound dogs really speak to you. Or in this case “bay” at you. Let’s learn more about this intriguing floppy-eared canine.

In general, most hounds use their impressive sense of smell to follow a trail. Yet, there is extremely wide variety to be found among this group outside of the common opinion. Some breeds are known for their unbelievable stamina and diligence, while others get along fantastically around kids and are very low maintenance.

Some breeds that you have more than likely heard of include the beloved Basset Hound, Beagle, Bloodhound, Greyhound, Dachshund, or Blue Tick. Why not break down the characteristics of at least 3 of these?

Basset Hound

Famous for its low-key and low stature, the Basset Hound has become a favorite of many. Though usually only reaching up to 15 inches in height, this heavy boned dog can weigh a hefty 65 lbs making it a dense package of canine.

A Basset’s massive paws and ears by no means reflect its height. 

Dog Personalities By Breed – Hound Group

The Basset Hound may not be your first pick to go on a jog with or play Frisbee in the park, but its charming, understated mannerisms really appeal to a large crowd.

Beyond that, according to the American Kennel Club, “The breed’s scenting ability is uncanny; it’s said that among dogs only the Bloodhound’s nose is more accurate”. Just like that, we have a seamless transition to the Bloodhound.


When a Bloodhound is on a scent, it is famous for its stubborn relentlessness. No breed matches its ability to do what it does with its nose. Especially when it comes to finding lost or hiding people, the Bloodhound will not give up over miles and miles of rough terrain. Its powerful body gives it the stamina to do so.

When not on the chase, Bloodhounds are easy going and independent. Some important information you should know before adopting this breed is the need to accommodate its favorite hobby.

Make sure you can take him on long walks in areas he can exercise his sniffer. On the same note, a strong leash is always recommended. Training this breed can also present a challenge because of its independent nature.

It seems unlikely anyone would write poetry about the Bloodhound, but there is one hound that has been an inspiration to poets, and artists for thousands of years…

Dog Personalities By Breed – Hound Group


Perhaps the exact opposite in stature to the Basset Hound, and proof that the hound group comes in all shapes and sizes, is the well-known Greyhound. What may automatically come to mind (and for good reason) is its speed. You could say a Greyhound is built for speed. 

Its aerodynamic form, shock absorbing paw pads and shape of body make it idea for high-speed pursuit.

The Greyhound’s gentle temperament and rather independent nature is worth noting as well. As stated earlier, there’s not a big chance you’d take your Basset Hound for a sprint on the beach if you’re a lover of exercise, but taking a Greyhound for a run is a no-brainer. Just be ready to keep up!

Dog Personalities By Breed – Hound Group

Well, now that we’ve zoomed in on a few more commonly known breeds from the Hound Group that may catch your eye (and we’re sure there are many more you could think of to research), here’s a few options you may have NEVER considered before! Let’s take a look before you call the shot.

Irish Wolfhound

Though adopting one of these special hounds could be considered a giant commitment (in more than one way), it may be just what you’re looking for in a four-legged companion.

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed you may ever come across. Similar to the Greyhound in stature,  it can reach up to 3 feet tall to its shoulder! It’s fearlessness in times past earned its name with its capability to dispatch a wolf in combat.

Though fearless and courageous, fighting and aggression is never its first choice. The Irish Wolfhound is characteristically dignified and calm, with patience and love, even around kids. It could be likened to the gentle giant of the Hound Group. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum however, one of the smallest breeds of hound you may come across is reflected in its name…

Dog Personalities By Breed – Hound Group
Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

Phew! Quote the name. Let’s just refer to this breed as PPP.

Ranging from 8-12 inches in height and 9-13 lbs, the PPP is quick, athletic and loves the outdoors. At the same time, this small chap makes a great housemate for those in search of one. The PPP is a great choice for those who love the attributes of a playful hound but prefer their pets to come in a ‘fun sized’ package.

Our third and last breed of the unique side of the Hound Group will be discussed as a…

Fun Fact! There is a breed of hound that does NOT bark.

A dog that doesn’t bark? Yep, that’s right! Though small in numbers (and relatively small in size), there is a hound known for not barking at all.

Instead it seems to convey its feelings through what has been likened to a yodel. Its name? The Basenji. Known to Africa as a sweet, poised and intelligent hunter, the Basenji has cat-like grooming habits and a horse-like trot, all the while subtly displaying human-like emotions through its expressive eyes. It’s safe to say that the Basenji is an all-around intriguing breed from the Hound Group.

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Treat Yo’ Hound

The Hound Group has a rich history worldwide and its variety is substantial. From Portugal to Africa, from 8 inches to 3 feet tall, the Hound Group is not one to be ignored.

Of course, no matter the breed, or the family or individual looking to adopt, the main goal is to contribute to an affectionate life. That’s exactly what we promote at Pet Ponderosa!

One great way to treat your hound, or any breed of dog you may adopt is by booking him a pet-cation at the Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa. We offer luxury pet boarding and grooming without the luxury price tag. Reserve now!

Still on the fence about which breed is best for you? In the next series we will take a look at the ever diligent: Working Group.

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