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Dog Personalities by Breed – Sporting Group

Dog Personalities By Breed – Sporting Group
The Sporting Group is an exceptionally intelligent and good-natured category of dogs in the 7 main dog breed categories. Take a closer look and see if a dog from the Sporting Group might be a perfect fit for you and your family!

Every year, millions of families across America adopt a dog. Adding a new furry member to the household is always and exciting and much anticipated moment in a family’s history!

Dogs are wonderful companions, and each dog offers unique and loveable characteristics. Have you ever wondered how to find a canine companion that will fit great for your family’s personality and lifestyle?

7 Main Dog Breed Categories - Sporting Group Dogs

Before adopting, why not brush up on the main categories of dog breeds to find out which type of dog might blend best with your personality and interests and offer compatible companionship?

There are 7 main categories of dogs. Taking time to find out what characteristics and personalities are unique to each category will help you identify what type of dog that you will fall in love with and what type of dog will love you. It’s in the best interest of you and your future doggy!  

Of course, sometimes it’s hard to choose the kind of dog you think would be that perfect match for you. That’s why we’re here at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa with a new blog series to explore the 7 main categories of dog breeds one by one. We’ll help you decide on which type of dog you’d like to adopt next OR help you get to know more of the traits your current dog already has.

As a greater Tacoma area luxury pet hotel and groomer staffed by life-long animal lovers, we make it our business to know and love every type of dog! We want to help set PNW pet owners up for success, and we’re always looking to personalize the care we give to our four-legged guests. Knowledge of dog breeds and their respective personalities is one key to doing just that.

Let’s get started by taking a closer look at the first category of dog breeds: the Sporting Group.

Sporting Group Dog Breed

It is said that the Sporting Group can be split into three categories or classes which include retrievers, flushing dogs, and pointing breeds. Whether you are an outdoorsman or not, the admirable personality of dogs in the Sporting Group may appeal to you!

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If you’ve ever watched the ‘Air Bud’ series, you can automatically discern that Retrievers have extremely intelligent, but also loving and playful personalities.

These personality traits have contributed to Retrievers becoming not only a sportsman’s best friend, but also high-functioning and heroic disability assistance dogs. The popular and dutiful Golden Retriever is especially helpful in the field of service animal training.

Some more personality traits of a Retriever are his ability to learn, his sharp memory, his desire and initiative, and his resilience, even when dealing with harsh weather conditions.

The average lifespan of a retriever is about 10 to 12 years, but some may tend to live even longer. 

Dog Personalities By Breed – Sporting Group

Of course, there are many breeds of Retrievers that you may be interested in putting more research into including the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly or Flat Coated Retriever, Labrador Retriever, or Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Flushing Dogs

As the name suggests, when compared to Retrievers, Flushing Dogs are more specifically skilled at ‘flushing’ birds out from their hiding places.

Like other types of dogs in the Sporting Group, Flushing Dogs are easily teachable, eager to work at a task (even aside from hunting), and their top level social skills win them a quick place in the heart of their companion. This breed is known to be quite friendly and make excellent four-legged family members.

Some familiar breeds under the Flushing category include Springer, Cocker and Spaniels.

Take for instance the English Springer Spaniel. In many instances his mind needs something to focus on. He does not prefer idle time but continually seeks employment. 

This desire for activity or task is best harnessed through healthy amounts of regular exercise and play.

Dog Personalities By Breed – Sporting Group

Similar to the Retriever breeds, the lifespan of these dogs typically lasts from 10.5 to 15 years.

A few examples of more specific breeds of Spaniels in particular include American Cocker Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel, German Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Pont Audemer Spaniel, and Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Though varieties may go on and on and looks will vary, but the basic temperament of the Flushing breed often holds many similarities.

Pointers & Setters

Pointers and Setters, like Flushing Dogs and retrievers are often chosen by humans who love outdoor sports, and are generally referred to as ‘Bird Dogs’ due to their skill in hunting birds.

The natural instinct of the Pointing breed moves it to automatically ‘point’ or aim its muzzle towards any game it detects.

Pointers vary greatly in size and appearance, ranging from wire-haired to silky coated. Let’s take a closer look at just one common breed that falls into this class known as the English Setter.

People oriented, friendly, energetic and strong willed are a few appropriate descriptors for the stately English Setter. This dog is an excellent fit for families who are ready and willing to give them attention and the activity they need to thrive. Don’t let the English Setter’s energetic (sometimes even mischievous) personality fool you though. His main temperament is often described as a ‘Gentleman by Nature’.

“Graceful, elegant gun dog or sweet and loving family companion? The English Setter is both! Sometimes called the ‘gentlemen of the dog world,’ they’re an ideal combination of versatile hunting partner and gentle, affectionate pet,” remarks the American Kennel Club.

Usual life expectancy for these dogs is between 11-15 years. 

Dog Personalities By Breed – Sporting Group

Some other Setter and Pointer breeds include the Gordon Setter, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Setter, and English Pointer.

Choosing a Dog for Your Family

Sporting Dogs star as active, loving and friendly dogs that thoroughly enjoy people and the outdoors. Sound like a good fit for your personality or your family?

If so, why not dig deeper to see if one of these breeds is a good match for you? Why not contact a local shelter and find out what Sporting Dogs (or other dogs!) are waiting to be part of your family?

Of course, no matter the breed, each and every dog is unique and deserves a happy, affectionate life.

The owners of Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa have built life around loving animals! Pet Ponderosa’s cozy kennels and glamorous grooming services are personalized to make your unique dog (or cat!) feel as comfortable and pampered as they would be at home. We love all breeds of dogs and take pride in providing luxury care for all pets without a luxury price tag.

Find out more about why to choose Pet Ponderosa for your dog’s next grooming, doggy daycare, or overnight boarding.

In the next article in these series we are going to dive into the second class of dogs, which is the honorable Hound Group.

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