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Pet Boarding with Room to Roam – Worth the Drive from Tacoma

Pet Boarding With Room To Roam – Worth The Drive From Tacoma
When you are on a vacation or away on a business trip, the last thing you want to imagine is your poor pup locked up in a small crate with next-to-no leg room until you get home.

Parting with your pet, whether for a few days or a few weeks, is never easy to do. Perhaps the only thing that lessens the blow of leaving your dog or cat behind when you travel is the priceless peace of mind that comes from knowing you have left him in good hands.

Here at Pet Ponderosa, taking proper care of your furry friend is what we do best. Still, most Tacoma pet owners have hectic schedules and are often more likely to opt for a pet boarding facility closer to home to save on time and gas. That being said, what is closest doesn’t always equate to what is best.

Before you base your kennel choice on proximity, hear us out on why making the drive to our pet resort in Graham, WA is totally worth it.

Luxury Pet Care without Luxury Pricing

When you have your own vacation to pay for, it can be stressful thinking about how to find proper accommodations for your pet without compromising on quality, comfort, and safety.

Here at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa we offer luxury pet boarding without the luxury price tag. Our staff is composed wholly of not only lifelong animal lovers, but also trained professionals with the skills and experience necessary to ensure the health and well-being of your cat or dog.

All of our honored guests are given personalized care, as well as the best pet food menu on the market featuring Life’s Abundance. We ensure excellent nutrition and are always happy to attend to any specialized care that a pet may need in line with directions from his/her human parents, such as with regards to dietary restrictions or medications.

At any time during their stay, pets can enjoy added premium services, such as luxury grooming at our spa.

Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding facilities have been designed for comfort and are outfitted with climate-control kennels. We also have a high-tech, ultrasonic bark device which works to keep the dog boarding environment calm. These measures have been implemented to ensure that your canine side-kick will feel right at home and will not have difficulty adapting to being in a new place.

Pet Boarding With Room To Roam – Worth The Drive From Tacoma

Cat Boarding

The Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa features a cat palace. Yep, a full-on cat palace. We have spared no expense to outfit a luxury play room for our feline guests. The kitty palace features ample carpet scratching posts, fun hiding places, and perches fit for feline royalty. Our specialized kitty area is strictly guarded from any canine contact, so all cats can play and lounge in protected bliss.

Pet Boarding With Room To Roam – Worth The Drive From Tacoma

Pet Boarding with Wide Open Spaces

When your pet boards with us, you can rest easy knowing he will not be cooped up in a pen all day. To be healthy and happy, your dog needs daily exercise, and that is what they will get when they board with us.

“Exercise provides all dogs with mental stimulation and keeps them active, which can help prolong their lives and reduce the risk of obesity,” explains the American Kennel Club.

That is why here at Pet Ponderosa, any pet who lodges with us is absolutely required to have daily activity. We have a full list of fun, physical activities to choose from. This ensures that your pet will get the daily exercise and socialization he needs with no exceptions!

As opposed to many other pet boarding facilities in the city that lack room to roam, Pet Ponderosa in Graham, WA has wide open spaces, perfect for giving your pet a true pet-caction.

Still not convinced that Pet Ponderosa is worth the drive from Tacoma? No worries. We have the perfect solution.

Pet Transportation Services

We will come to you! That’s right, our Premium Pet Transportation Services take the hassle out of bringing your pet all the way here yourself. We can save you time and gas, as well as save your car from being covered in dog hair before you take off on your trip.

Pet Transportation

Our pet transportation vehicle is specially designed to transport pets to and from our facility in a safe, relaxed, and controlled environment.

This is especially helpful, since some pet owners completely dread bringing their precious pet to drop them off at a boarding facility. They worry their dog will remember it and resent them, and they don’t want to be the ‘bad guy’. We understand. No one wants to leave their buddy behind! We aren’t ‘bad guys’ here, but we will come pick up your pet for you so you don’t have to be the one who leaves them behind.

In our comfortable pet shuttle, your pup (or kitty!) will be easily on his way to enjoy his luxury pet-cation!

Extra bonus for locals:

If you live within 4 miles of Graham or South Hill, we will transport your pet to and from their grooming appointment at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa for FREE!

Conveniently Located PNW Pet Boarding

Located less than a 35 minute from Tacoma and 15 minutes from Puyallup, Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa is the perfect spot for your pet’s vacation.

Our pet boarding facility is just close enough to the city that it is convenient, but just far enough away from the city that we have fresh air and room to roam. Your beloved four-legged friend will be in the best of hands here at our pet resort and spa.

Make your Pet Transportation and Boarding Reservations today by contacting Pet Ponderosa via our website or calling us at (253) 847-7763.

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