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11 Cool Cat Facts for National Pet Day – April 11th

11 Cool Cat Facts For National Pet Day – April 11th
In all of our prep for National Pet Day coming up this Thursday, April 11th, it would be an egregious oversight on our part here at Pet Ponderosa if we did not dedicate a blog post to cats. That is why we are back with our Preparing for National Pet Day series, and today we are featuring feline facts!

Have you ever been stereotyped as a ‘crazy cat lady’?

Don’t worry:

There are much worse things to be accused of! In fact, many adoring cat owners fully embrace the identity, and for good reason. Cats are simply fabulous. They’ve got character, cuteness, sass, and the ‘snuggle factor’ all packed into one small, furry package. Cat hair is the new glitter, after all!

11 Cool Cat Facts:

1. Only Half of Cats are Crazy for Catnip – According to the Humane Society, “Catnip sensitivity is hereditary—an estimated 50 percent of cats have no reaction.” The essential oil within cat nip that triggers craziness when cats sniff it is called nepetalactone. Sensitivity to cat nip only surfaces once a kitten is over 3-6 months old and will have no effect sooner than that. Eating catnip (a leafy green in the mint family) actually has a calming effect on cats when consumed.

11 Cool Cat Facts For National Pet Day – April 11th

2. Cats Groom to Stay Cool – A cat can spend over 30% of his lifetime grooming himself. Why? Well, beyond the obvious of wanting to stay clean and fresh, a cat will also use grooming as a means for regulating his temperature and staying cool. Grooming can also be a sign of comfort, or even a coping mechanism for stress.

3. Feline Popularity – Cats outnumber dogs by about 10 million in the US alone.

11 Cool Cat Facts For National Pet Day – April 11th

4. It is all in the Eyes – Unlike your dog, your cat has little facial expression recognition and cannot use his face to communicate. The Found Animals Foundation explains that a cat’s eye can communicate how he is feeling. Dilated or large pupils usually mean your cat is excited, surprised or scared. Small pupils can mean your cat is irritated, upset and maybe ready to strike (look out!). Half-closed eyes means your cat is relaxed, comfortable, he trusts you, and he’s probably sleepy.

5. Cats Make Silly Sounds – Have you heard strange noises come out of your cat? From guttural gurgles to micro ‘meeps’, felines have the ability to make over 100 different sounds. Strangely, that’s about 10 times the amount of sounds that dogs can make.

6. Cat Clowder – A group of crows is called a murder, a gathering of geese is called a gaggle, a pack of bats is a cauldron, and yep, a gang of cats is called a clowder. A litter of kittens can be referred to as a kindle.

7. Granny Gives Birth – The oldest cat on record to ever have a litter of kittens was a ripe 30 years of age when she gave birth to two kittens.

8. Siamese Cat Chameleons – The Siamese breed’s color is sensitive to temperature changes. A cat with this special characteristic is born white in fur, but when exposed to cooler temperatures after birth, he begins darkening. However, if kept at a consistently high temperature, he will stay almost albino white. This phenomenon can also occur in feline breeds similar to the Siamese.

9. Feline Brain Power – With interesting similarities to the human brain, cats have emotion as well as both long and short-term memories. A cat’s cerebral cortex (the information processing center of the brain) is more complex than that of a dog, with twice as many neurons. This gives cats greater problem-solving abilities and their characteristic smarts.

11 Cool Cat Facts For National Pet Day – April 11th

10. Whisker Wizards – The whiskers of a cat are ultra-sensitive tools, helping him to detect surroundings, make important calculations, stay balanced, hunt, and sense changes in the air. Don’t cut them!

11. Clean Cat = Happy Cat – It’s true that cats are exceptional groomers on their own. However, with regular help to maintain your cat’s nails, fur, ears, eyes, and skin, you will be able to optimize your furry friend’s health and minimize things like matted hair, ear infections, and hairballs. Still, bathing or grooming your cat probably does not sound like your idea of a good time. Are you worried about scratching and resentment from your kitty? Or maybe you’re scared you won’t do it right? For your safety, and your kitty’s safety, hiring a professional is the way to go. Check out our Luxury Cat Grooming services!

Just two more days until National Pet Day on April 11th! Hopefully these crazy kitty facts got you in the mindset.

Treat yo pet on National Pet Day (this Thursday!) with one of our Premium Pet Services here at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa. In honor of our furry guests, we are offering 15% off all of our services on April 11th. Get in touch to learn more and make reservations for your pet!

Have more crazy cool cat facts? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear it!

11 Cool Cat Facts For National Pet Day – April 11th

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