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National Pet Day – April 11 – More Ways to Celebrate

National Pet Day – April 11 – More Ways To Celebrate
As promised, we are back here at Pet Ponderosa with more ideas to help you prep for making this year’s National Pet Day count.

Last week, we shared ideas and inspiration for rescue pet adoption as well as opportunities for volunteering at and donating to local pet shelters on April 11.

Giving back to organizations that look out for the welfare of animals like the local Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County remains one of the top ways to celebrate National Pet Day.

After your done adopting, volunteering, or donating, why not celebrate in the park? Yep, treating your dog (or cat!) to a walk in the park is a healthy and happy way to top off the day.

Celebrate Healthy Dog Walking on National Pet Day

Going on a walk has boundless benefits for you and your pet and is the perfect way to celebrate your friendship. Solidify your bond with your pup even tighter by taking extra time for a walk together. You both will likely feel happier and more connected after a fun, healthy outing with each other.

National Pet Day – April 11 – More Ways To Celebrate

Not only has exercise been proven to improve your mood and overall health, the physical and mental stimulation is also exceedingly healthy for your pet. You can stay slim and trim, feel good, and possibly avoid trips to the doctor and vet by taking steps (pun intended) to stay active. Why not fit in extra walking together?

Take to the Parks and Trails of Washington

Here in Graham, WA, we are surrounded by gorgeous, pet friendly parks, trails and hiking opportunities. After school, take the kids and the fur babies to Frontier Park or South Hill Park, or go on an adventure on Bresemann Forest Park Trail or Foothills Trail.  It is bound to be fun for the entire family.

Don’t forget to be prepared for a responsible pet outing. Bring water, snacks, doggy doo doo bags, as well as any leashes or harnesses your pet uses. Put a collar on your pup with name and address tags. Pack up any tennis balls, Frisbees, or any other toys your dog loves to play fetch with, so they can get maximum exercise and have loads of fun! (Pro tip: Write your name on the toys, in case they get lost).

Whether you are chasing a stunning spring waterfall or sliding down the jungle gym, bring your pet along with you. They will love burning their energy, playing fetch, following their sniffer, and spending time with you!

Make New Friends on Your Dog Walk

The American Kennel Club encourages dog walking for its social benefits, explaining that it “increases your sense of community. Dog walking is a great opportunity for socializing, for both you and your dog. Your dog gets to experience new people, surroundings, and other dogs. And you might find yourself chatting with other dog walkers or neighbors.”

National Pet Day – April 11 – More Ways To Celebrate

Allowing your pet opportunities to interact with other animals is a great way for them to become well adjusted, stable, and good mannered pets. It is wise to keep your pet on a leash until you know how they will react to new people and animals.

What could be better than making new friends for yourself and your pup at the same time? Connecting with other animal lovers and the pets they hold dear within the community is a special way to celebrate the joys of pet ownership on National Pet Day. You never know who you will meet on your walk in the park! Your potential best friend is waiting for you just around the corner. Get the leash and start walking!

Walk Your Dog for National Pet Day

Getting your pet out and about is a great way to help your dog get comfortable with trying new things, widen their horizons, burn their pent up energy, and bond with you. It is also one of the most active and fun ways to get the most out of this year’s National Pet Day with your four legged wonder!

Still, many pet owners cannot get out of the house to walk their pets. Perhaps due to age or health related reasons, some animal lovers are not in the position to walk their dogs. Others, at the mercy of a busy schedule just won’t have time to celebrate National Pet Day with a dog walk. That’s okay!

We all have different walks in life. Let us here at Pet Ponderosa take your dog on a walk for you. We will help them get the physical exercise and mental workout they need! In honor of National Pet Day, Pet Ponderosa Resort and Spa is offering 15% off all Premium Services on April 11, including Dog Walking!  Check out our Premium Dog Walking services or get in touch to schedule treating your dog to a wonderful walk on April 11.

Stay tuned for our next blogs on Preparing for National Pet Day coming later this week and next! Don’t forget to share your favorite pet via social media using the hashtag #NationalPetDay, #PetPonderosa, and #PNWpets.

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