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Pet Ponderosa Donates Pet Oxygen Masks to Firefighters in Graham, WA

Pet Ponderosa Donates Pet Oxygen Masks To Firefighters In Graham, Wa
Regis and Nancy of Pet Ponderosa care deeply about supporting their fellow community members here in Graham, WA, even the ones with paws. That's why they have donated valuable pet oxygen masks to the local fire department to save priceless pet lives.

A Christmas Gift to the Pet's of Graham, WA

During the holiday season, small acts of kindness and giving to each other are very common occurences.  At Pet Ponderosa, we wanted to do something nice for all the pets in our local community of Graham, WA.

Firefighters Love Your Pet’s Too.

In a house fire situation, the first priority is always to save the human lives, but what happens when a pet is still trapped inside?  Many firefighters will risk their lives for your pets, but just like humans, after breathing smoke in, your pet will need oxygen.  In many cases, the firefighters on the scene will have to cut and alter a human oxygen mask to fit a pet that was just rescued.  This works OK, but there is a better solution!

The Solution:

Pet Oxygen Masks.  These masks are made to fit a snout or face of an animal between the size of a mouse and a small horse.

Pet Ponderosa did not want to forget our pets during the holiday season this year, we wanted to do something nice for all of our communities pets, whether they have boarded with us or not.  That is why we fully outfitted Graham Fire and Rescue with much needed pet oxygen masks for their emergency vehicles. In addition to gifting to the Graham Fire and Rescue, The Pet Brigade, a sister company to Pet Ponderosa, gifted to the entire Lewis-McChord Fire & Emergency Services on JBLM, WA with the same gifts.

We hope that the brave firefighters of Graham, WA, and those on JBLM never have to use one of these oxygen masks on your pet, but in the event they do, we want them to be prepared to treat your pet properly. Pets are an integral part of our family and ensuring the proper medical equipment is available to save them is a great addition to any fire department.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the pet’s of Graham, WA.

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