A Guide to Finding the Best Dog Food for Your Pup

As a dog or cat owner, you've probably stressed over what kind of food to feed your pet. You go to the grocery or pet store and are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options in the pet food aisle. What food really is best for your pet? We are here with some pro insights on how to make sure your dog's chow more than empty calories.

With an abundance of dog food options on the market, walking down the pet aisle of the supermarket can be confusing, frustrating and at times overwhelming.

In actuality, if you feel that way, it is a good sign that you care for your pet the way you should. You genuinely care about your precious pup’s diet, knowing that just like humans, what a dog puts into its body will very much affect its energy, mood, and overall health.

The question is:

What dog food is best? How can you strike a balance between quality and budget-friendliness? Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa is here with a comprehensive guide on how to give your pet a nutritious diet.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pet Food

The first thing you can do is identify distinct needs of your dog. A few factors to take into account may include its age and health condition as well as the amount of daily exercise your dog is getting.

For example, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explains that “an animal with a normal activity level should receive what we call ‘maintenance’ energy. A pampered lap dog may require just 10% of that, while an active pet who exercises regularly outdoors may require maintenance plus 20 to 40%.” It’s clear that a pet’s dietary needs vary according to their physical condition and lifestyle.

Other than your pet’s needs, other facets can be considered in the dizzying pet food decision as well, such as which foods get you the best bang for your buck.

Your Pet’s Health - Physical and Mental

PetMD explains that according to licensed veterinarians, “dogs and cats require more than 50 key nutrients” that must be well balanced in your pet’s diet. That means a lot more than just filling their little bellies! As with humans, the more properly balanced the nutrients in your pet’s diet, the more balanced your fur baby’s physical and mental health will be.

In many cases, physical issues from a lack of proper nutrition can cause bodily stress that leads to mental and behavioral issues. An unbalanced approach in pet feeding routines and habits can bring unwanted trouble down the road for your four-legged friend.

Let’s face it:

None of us want to see our pet suffer health problems. Unnecessary trips to the vet can be side stepped by giving the suitable attention to your pet’s dietary needs right off the bat. That equates to lower vet bills and less stress for you!

Nutritious Dog Food – Rich in Antioxidants

Needless to say, to know if a pet food is balanced or not, we have to know what kind of ingredients are used.

Take antioxidants for instance. Research has linked an antioxidant enriched diet for pets with their cognitive learnability, which is a must in training your new pup. One study published by Amy L.S. Dowling, PhD and Elizabeth Head, PhD. explains their findings in their canine study saying that “combining an antioxidant enriched diet with cognitive training, physical exercise and social enrichment provides additional benefits to cognition”.

When feeding your pup, you’re not just filling its stomach, but you’re actually feeding their brain. Nutritious ‘brain food’ allows your dog to complete tasks (and learn new ones!) with ease.

Think old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Think again!

Multiple researchers have connected increased learning ability in older dogs with a diet rich in antioxidants. Thus, good brain food isn’t just for your puppy but also for dogs that are puppies at heart.

Since every pet’s needs vary depending on age, environment, breed, and exercise habits, consulting a Veterinarian concerning the specific needs of your pup is our recommendation before coming to any conclusions about what your pet needs in their diet.

Getting tips from your vet for your pet’s particular needs will enable you to discern what feeding times are appropriate given your pet’s circumstance, or if ‘free feeding’ is appropriate for your pet.

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Fill Your Pet’s Dietary Needs

What category does your dog fall under? Various dog foods cater to the basic needs on a level of standard life stages. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, as it does make sense that pets would need different nutrients at different stages of life.

That being said, your dog may not fall under any of the generic categories of dog food. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either!

Take into consideration that there may be more than one category that your dog may fall under that could influence the kind of food you choose provide it with.

For example, is your pup a small/medium breed, or a large breed? Could your pet stand to lose a few pounds? Does he/she have bad breath, and perhaps require a grain free diet? Is your pup’s coat not as healthy and shiny as desired?

At times, your pet’s health may require specific vitamins to accommodate the above life stages or conditions. It can be a pain to search and search for the perfect food for your pet.

Why not let the pet care experts here at Pet Ponderosa help out a bit?

Pet Food Recommendation – From a Top Notch Pet Hotel

For more reason than one, the pet care professionals at Pet Ponderosa proudly recommends Life’s Abundance Pet Foods. As reflected in the name, Life’s Abundance makes sure your pet gets an abundance out of its life, starting with the main necessity to sustain life – food.

On the Life’s Abundance website, you can easily access the nutritional foods specifically required for your pup. You can even read and compare the specific ingredients and nutritional facts of such foods.

If you’re worried about over feeding or under feeding your dog, Life’s Abundance also provides feeding charts for both puppy’s and adult dogs, making taking care of your canine companion as simple as it should be.

Options for food systems, and healthy start packs are also available from Life’s Abundance, including supplements to supply additional needed nutrients for your pet’s optimal health.

If eating is essential to survive, it might as well be enjoyable, and not just for humans, but for man’s best friend as well. Here at Pet Ponderosa we choose ‘Healthy Organic Life Abundance’ pet food. We won’t leave your pup’s overall well-being up to chance, and we are sure you don’t either. All aspects of your pet’s stay here is sure to be more than comfortable, including its yummy meals.

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