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10 Questions to Ask Your Pet Boarding Facility BEFORE Committing

As with finding a babysitter for your children, finding the proper boarding facility for your pet is crucial. You need to have confidence that your pet's kennel is not only professional, but also kind, compassionate, and capable. Here are 10 main things to find out before you say 'yes' to dog or cat boarding.


As an SEO copywriter that is also a traveler with a pet, I have personal experience with pet boarding.  

My husband and I once took a spontaneous two week trip, and with gloomy faces we left behind our beloved pets, confused and anxious, at a boarding facility. Later, we returned to find them even more confused and anxious than we left them. It was heartbreaking!

There are a few lessons I learned from this experience and so I thought I’d use my personal experience in this article as well.

Even though our pets survived the stay at the boarding facility, it was clear their two week stay took a hefty toll on them. I hope this article helps you when looking for a pet boarding facility.

Don’t Settle for Pet Survival

As much as we may love to bring our pets everywhere with us, it’s unfortunately an unreasonable expectation. Still, that doesn’t mean that leaving your pet behind has to be a traumatizing experience for you OR your pet.

Whether your pet is visiting a boarding facility for a day of fun at doggy daycare, a day at the spa, or a week or two at a dog boarding facility, it should be a trauma free experience.

Most dog boarding facilities will do (in terms of your pet getting fed and surviving until your return) here at Pet Ponderosa, we understand that choosing the right place to board your pet goes far beyond the basic concept of ‘survival’. You are an animal lover and want what is best for them. They are a member of your family, after all!

When & Where to Board Your Pet

First off, when might be appropriate times to search out a boarding facility? There may be times when your pet can feel extra stressed in your home environment, such as during home renovations, large events and parties, and then of course anytime you cannot bring them on your travels or vacations.

With life being as unpredictable as it is, at times these travels or events may occur quite suddenly, requiring a split-second decision. This can really add to your stress if you don’t already have a plan for taking care of your pet’s needs. Needless to say, the best time to find a good boarding facility is before it becomes necessary.

Here’s why:

Never underestimate the negative effects a bad choice in boarding facility can have on your pet. Since we aren’t the ones staying there and getting left behind by our people, it we have to consider the feelings of our pets. When our pets play such a large role in relieving our stress with their furry friendliness, it would be tragic to add to theirs!  

Keep Your Pet’s Anxiety Levels Low

New environments can add to the stress of an animal, not to mention when new people and animals are added to the mix.  While both of these aspects cannot be avoided with a boarding facility, there are things that can be done to lessen the anxiety levels of your pet when in an unfamiliar new environment. Remember, even though you know when you will be back, your pet has absolutely no idea what is going on.

Book Your Pet a Wonderful Stay at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa!

Pet Ponderosa will give your pet their own pet-cation while you’re away!

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A Guide to Getting to Know a Boarding Facility

As pet lovers and pet resort owners, Pet Ponderosa is here with a discussion of a few crucial things to consider and questions to ask when choosing a boarding facility. Getting answers to these questions BEFORE committing to a pet hotel can help you and your pet can have peace of mind when you have to temporarily part from one another.

It goes without saying that an orderly and clean environment is always a good first sign. Even if that is the case, you still want to make sure the facility meets the needs of your pet. Depending on the season, weather could be a contributing factor to your pet’s comfort. Naturally, at a pet boarding facility, many other dogs may cause stress to your pet from barking. The dog or cat food served at the facility may not be quite right for your pet’s dietary needs. All of these factors must be considered in order to determine of a pet lodging facility is truly suitable for you and your pet.

Here is a quick guide to 10 questions you should be asking your pet hotel:

  1. Will my pet share spaces with other dogs/cats? If so, what is the space like?
  2. Is the kennel loud or have any other potential sources of anxiety?
  3. Are the kennels exposed to the elements?
  4. How is pet waste managed?
  5. What are the certifications of the owners and staff?
  6. What kind of food will be provided for my pet?
  7. Will the kennels fit my pet?
  8. How long is it possible for my pet to stay?
  9. Will my pet be cooped up all day in a kennel?
  10. What kinds of activities are provided daily and for how long?

These concerns come up naturally for loving pet owners, and for good reason! You want to be sure that your four-legged friend will be in good hands. Do not give up until these questions are answered to your satisfaction! If a pet facility cannot answer these questions or their answers do not fit the needs of you and your pet, move on to the next. Don’t settle!

Pet Ponderosa - Not Your Typical Pet Lodging

Pet Ponderosa is your premium PNW pet boarding solution for more reason than one. Owned by registered nurses and life-long animal lovers, we are committed to providing the highest quality pet care possible. Pet Ponderosa is not simply a pet hotel – we are a pet Resort & Spa. We offer luxury treatment at budget-friendly prices!

Here at Pet Ponderosa, your pet will not be exposed to the unpredictable PNW elements. Our furry guests enjoy cozy climate controlled kennels that will regulate the temperature even in inclement weather conditions, and ultimately ensure your pet is comfy and protected from the harmful elements.

As for the size of the kennels, not to fear! When it comes to your pet’s kennel space, our universally sized kennels will accommodate whatever size your pet is.

To ensure your pet isn’t stressed out by the barking of other dogs, our resort is equipped with a high-tech ultrasonic bark device which keeps the environment bark free and calm.

Pet Transportation

Every pet has different needs, including dietary needs. Here at Pet Ponderosa, only the most quality pet food is provided. Our furry guests enjoy nutritious (not to mention, scrumptious!) Life’s Abundance Pet Foods. In the case that your pet has special dietary needs their food can be brought along as well, this will contribute to the feeling even more at home.

No animal should ever be cooped up in cage or kennel all day, and that precisely why we make sure a daily activity is provided during the length of your pet’s stay. In fact, it’s required! This is in agreement with The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, who explain that “Exercise is essential to having a happy dog. It keeps them fit and healthy, physically and mentally. Getting out and about keeps your dog’s brain active and is great stress relief for them.” In reality, physical exercise and mental stimulation every day contributes to a happy mood and overall good health. We promise to keep your pup active and healthy physically, mentally and emotionally while you are away.

Pet Ponderosa offers both short-term and long-term high quality pet boarding for cats and dogs. Whether our guests stay for a few hours or a few weeks, our goal at Pet Ponderosa is to give your pet a vacation while you are on yours. With your pet getting individualized attention and healthy balanced interaction with other guests in our luxurious resort and spa, you can rest easy without worry, confident to return to your pet in good spirits!

Book your cat or dog’s pet-cation today!

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