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You don't want just anyone caring for your best furry friend. You need to know that your pet kennel owners and staff have the same affection and compassion that you do for your fur baby. Meet Regis & Nancy, owners of Pet Ponderosa Resort and Spa to learn what makes their luxury pet kennel the best choice for your pup or kitty.

Many puppy parents select their dog kennel or sitter as carefully as a new parent would select a daycare service. Here at Pet Ponderosa, we totally get it. They are your fur babies, after all! Before dropping your pet off at any dog care service, you have to be absolutely certain that your pet is going to get the highest quality care possible.

That is why we’re here to today to introduce you to the owners of Pet Ponderosa, Nancy and Regis Jackson. It’s not just their credentials that make them the best at what they do; it’s their compassion. Here’s a bit of the Jackson’s history and what makes them who they are today.

Passion for Pets from the Start

As children growing up in Ohio, both Nancy and Regis discovered their love for animals early on in childhood. As devoted parents, avid pet owners and lifelong animal lovers, the Jacksons always had a dream of owning and operating their very own pet resort. Their passion for animals eventually lead to them dedicating themselves to a full-time career in animal care.

For many years now, the Jacksons have come to call Washington ‘home’. In 2003, they purchased their property outside of Tacoma. The property had been operating as a dog kennel since 1965, but the Jacksons were single-minded in their goal; turn the decades old kennel into a pet paradise!

Pet Ponderosa's Start

Regis And Nancy Jackson Owners Of Pet Ponderosa

With years of hard work and dedication, Regis and Nancy have grown Pet Ponderosa Resorts & Spas into the largest kennel in South Pierce County. In fact, it is now the number one kennel that local veterinarians refer pet owners to. For the Jacksons, this is an absolute dream come true.

Pet Ponderosa continues to grow as a premier leader in the pet care service field in the South Sound.

Qualified Staff – Compassionate Hearts

Both Regis and Nancy are registered nurses by trade. Their background as nurses prepares them to handle any given situation with the attention to detail, competency, nerves of steel, and compassion that only come with experience. The Jacksons pride themselves on providing a level of care to their guests that is second to none.

Nancy and Regis are backed by their trained and experienced staff. Their professional team caters to the needs of every pet as an individual. Their level of care coupled with state of the art, resort status facilities make Pet Ponderosa the dream ‘petcation’ location.

Pet Ponderosa has made their facility an active member in the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA), which follows the IPBSA Code of Ethics, ensuring a professional, loving, and caring environment for your pet.

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Pet Ponderosa’s – the Pacific Northwest’s premiere luxury pet resort.


Rest Easy – Your Pet is in Good Hands

While you’re away – whether down the street at work or across the ocean on vacation – you need to know that your pet is safe and comfortable. Pet Ponderosa is not your ordinary dog kennel – it is a resort!

Pet Ponderosa consistently focuses on personal and interactive pet care. The resort provides a vast range of activities to keep any pet happy and occupied while being lodged. The Jacksons work hard to ensure that your pet receives the individualized care and attention he/she deserves, and put in every effort to make each experience remarkable!

Your pet is like your child and they will receive the care and attention they deserve at Pet Ponderosa Resorts & Spas. Check us out by touring our facility any time, whether online or in person!

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